Determining the core of your thoughts by writing as you think

Example 1: As a working mother, I’m tired and what am I thinking now?

Write as you think in any of the 8 squares except the middle.
Look at what you wrote,
Finally, write the core of your thoughts in the middle.

Example 2: When deciding the name of a product

It can be used in such following cases!

・When you want to organize your thoughts
・While listening to someone or the story
・When you want to decide on a name
・When deriving the answer
・When you want to wash away the problem

There are many ways to use M9notes in each pattern, and we would like to introduce the typical ones in each pattern together with the drawing.

The good thing about M9note is that there is no limit to how to use it.

The four patterns are just one example of usage.

We would like to see you apply it or create an original way of use that will make your thinking even more advanced. It is very welcome to hear from you about how you use it.

In addition, it’s completely normal that all the grids do not need to be filled.

That is why you see the empty grids in the examples.