Inspire the Right Brain.

About M9notes





A notebook with a 3 x 3 squared grid

What is M9notes? “M” in M9notes is an acronym for “mandala” which means “owner of essence” in Buddhism. A mandala is a painting that shows the path to enlightenment. “9” represents the total number of grids in a 3 x 3 squared grid. M9notes mimics the structure of a mandara.

This is a structure that allows thoughts to be organized by writing goals, ideas, and “plans” on the squares. And after writing, you will be able to visually capture the relationship between each square and the overall picture of things by “looking at them” over and over.



A notebook with a vision that captures the whole

Having a perspective that captures the whole will create a sense of positive direction, such as drawing out unexpected ideas and showing the path to achieving the goal.

M9notes is a perfect notebook in the field of business settings for professionals. Even more we want children and women to use it in a variety of ways, more casually and freely. With that in mind, we developed M9notes.



There is no limit as to how to use it. Free to use

Everyone who actually picked up M9notes will ask you how to use it.

When that happens, we say, “You can use it in any way.” The biggest feature of M9notes is that there is no rule as to how to use it.  Free to use.




His or her personality and thoughts Only for that person

That said, there’s nothing more difficult than being told to be free. However, we are not throwing at customers.

Free means finding the one-of-a-kind usage that you have found.

His or her personality and thoughts are only for that person. It is impossible to make a leap by applying to a frame made by someone. “How to use” is also a frame that limits your thinking.
You only need to use it in your own way.




You can start writing from the middle square or start from the left.

Until you’ve found your own way, you can reference some examples of “how to use” in our website. So please start using them as reference at first.

You can start writing from the middle square or start from the left.

You don’t have to fill every square.

Make good use of the empty space.




Write and view, write and view

And I want you to cherish and keep in mind that you do

Write and watch, write and watch.

Everything you write on a mandala is in yourself.




Right brain nurtures

Also, it’s not about right or wrong on what you write.

As you write down your dreams in a mandala over and over again, your right brain nurtures, your goals become clear, and you can imagine your future, and we believe you become self-confident, fun, and refreshed.




It’s your notebook with your own way to use

On our website, we will show some examples of how to use M9notes and show some notable effects and results by using M9notes. Please try it once and let us hear your experiences.
Paper color is light cream color

Squared grid color is green

Quality paper that is made in Japan – no feathering and bleeding

If you write with a blue pen, you can nurture your right brain even more.

The notebook is designed to be used vertically or horizontally.

Please use this to your own way.